we're all stories in the end

"I wish I wasn't so fragile /
'Cos I know that I'm not easy to handle"
~ Schuyler Fisk

Also known as tala_hiding in certain fandoms. Sorry for the confusion.

Proud Tumblr user since 9 Sept 2009.

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Found these awesome anthos at P75 each at Filbar’s Fairview Terraces with @notlowercase :D http://ift.tt/XHmCZF

I found the Doctor’s TARDIS! Oddly enough, it’s at the Filbar’s branch at Fairview Terraces. #doctorwho http://ift.tt/1sdAe7y

Birthday ribs for the birthday boy. ❤️ Happy birthday @notlowercase http://ift.tt/XFAW4Z

Gettin’ down and dirty with some dirty fries. http://ift.tt/1qx8V62

In my third year of teaching I finally have… MY NAME ON THE DOOR. Sadly, door has still not gotten a paint job. #babysteps http://ift.tt/XEsG58

Salted caramel and coffee ice cream with whipped cream and chocolate sauce and popcorn. ❤️ Happy pre-birthday @notlowercase! http://ift.tt/1qsXX1y

A sweet start to the holiday morning. :) http://ift.tt/1mol3FA

Always thankful for blessings like these. ❤️👍📝 http://ift.tt/1m4flIB

Your wish is my command. #pino #pipino http://ift.tt/1vLXekn

Waiting for my massage. #spaday http://ift.tt/1sChsKZ