we're all stories in the end

"I wish I wasn't so fragile /
'Cos I know that I'm not easy to handle"
~ Schuyler Fisk

Also known as tala_hiding in certain fandoms. Sorry for the confusion.

Proud Tumblr user since 9 Sept 2009.

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It’s a very sad panda pao :( #happypao #chowking http://ift.tt/1qIbBU2

Still the same, universe. #timehop #timehop http://ift.tt/1qGLPPO

This doggy is also sad that UP did not win first place at the #UAAPCDC blergh http://ift.tt/X4qjHy

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I’m supposed to be checking papers BUT IT’S TOO HOT. #sunday #sweaty #teachingblues http://ift.tt/1tgnFcl

Finally managed to read the latest issue of #msmarvel and yay giant doggie! #kamalakorps http://ift.tt/YkAEkc

I’m facilitating a panel with some awesome people at the #MIBF sponsored by #NBDB and #readercon :) The event is free! Come on over! http://ift.tt/1nBQKvz

Yay! Second to the last copy at Powerbooks. :) #esquire #eraserheads http://ift.tt/1tbjqhW