we're all stories in the end

"I wish I wasn't so fragile /
'Cos I know that I'm not easy to handle"
~ Schuyler Fisk

Also known as tala_hiding in certain fandoms. Sorry for the confusion.

Proud Tumblr user since 9 Sept 2009.

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Apparently, there’s a difference. :D #teachingblues http://ift.tt/1rIb1F8

Not sure why my student is apologizing. But her answer sheet is funny. #teachingblues http://ift.tt/1qQzaE5

Tasty stuff. ❤️👍 #bayanibrew #lemongrass http://ift.tt/1BloDXI

Batang nawawala. Paki sabi sa magulang. http://ift.tt/YpSjGg

Dr Philip Holden of #NUS talks about the recent developments of fiction in Singapore. #rookieapp #teacherpride #latergram http://ift.tt/ZX4tIc

Workshop day! :) http://ift.tt/1v2B1vV

Washed out. Sorry inaantok. May klase pa ng 4PM. http://ift.tt/Y43Laq

Rainy day stuff http://ift.tt/1r7OvGr

The ladies behind me are talking about how their finance people had to learn how to speak Engliah because all of their international partners spoke English. TIME TO CHANGE CAREERS. #not http://ift.tt/1sOreFd